Ibuko / Elora Hardy / by Joana Ferreira

Perhaps the most surprising thing about bamboo- besides being an entirely natural,sustainable material with the tensile strength of steel that can grow up to 900 millimeters (3 feet) in just 24 hours - is that it's not more widely recognized as a fantastic construction material. Like many traditional building materials, bamboo no longer has the architectural currency that it once did across Asia and the pacific, but the efforts of Elora Hardy may help put it back into the vernacular. Heading up IBUKO , a design firm that uses bamboo almost exclusively, Hardy's TED TALK is an excellent run through of bamboo's graces and virtues in construction, showing off sinuous private homes and handbuilt school buildings.

To know more: http://www.archdaily.com/635886/bamboom-elora-hardy-s-ted-talk-on-bamboo-s-exploding-popularity