Travel around to SEYCHELLES by Christopher Baker / by Joana Ferreira

"When I first visited the island of La Digue more than 20 years ago, there were only two places to stay. One was a licensed hotel made up of a collection of simple, thatched chalets in a palm grove beside a beach; the other was inland, set on a rise above a vanilla plantation. This was an 'unofficial' hotel, Château St Cloud, a charming but eccentrically run old house where Oliver Reed stayed while filming Castaway in the mid-1980s. Everyone dined together at a long wooden table and there was no menu: you ate what appeared from the kitchen, which was always delicious Creole food. Back then, the only way to reach La Digue (the Seychelles' third most populous island) was by inter-island schooner. TheLady Esmerolled and bucked in the swells, and there was nowhere to escape the spray and the rain."

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