Farm House Girona / ARCHITECTURA-G. SPAIN / by Joana Ferreira

Historic stone walls of the exterior give way to a bright interior that is altogether sculptural, textural and wonderfully communal. There are spaces for gathering, entertaining, dining and quiet repose. 

As with any historical renovation there is always an important relationship between old and new.

Arquitectura-G have struck a balance with the combination of existing elements and new interventions. Previous stone archways are complimented by spherical fireplaces, curved tiled platforms, rounded windows and doors and an elegant spiral staircase. These exist in union with rectilinear forms such as beams, columns and metal screens. The material palette of exposed stone, glazed brown tiles, terracotta, painted steel and white paint appear consistently throughout the home and what a marvellous medley they are! Simple, striking and sophisticated; the materials play a crucial role in forming space and creating cohesion. The glazed brown tiles find themselves in every room and are articulated as the cladding for the kitchen benches, shelving, banquette seating and other inbuilt furniture. Windows, doors and other steel components have been painted burgundy to match the warm colour of the new tiles and old terracotta floors. The white painted walls and ceilings brighten the space and provide a neutral background to these other materials.